Text translated from Danish by Dan Marmorstein. Originally published in the Norwegian edition of Le Monde diplomatique, 2013, and in the Exit catalogue Afgang 2013 of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Art, 2013.

It is a text of art theory in relation to the question of the barricade and other revolutionary forms of action.

Oversat fra fransk af Carsten Juhl

Det transitoriske placeres i en bredere kontekst, hvor ankomsten af den 'fremmede' og modtageligheden over for det forandrende bliver afgørende.

Emnet bør indskrives i det store mellemrum mellem potentialitetsstudier og kritik af dagliglivet, dvs. af økonomien og politikken i det hele taget.

Introduction and translation by James Day of a chapter from my book in Danish about May 68. Published on-line by Mute.

The fusion between state-capitalism and private capitalism produced more market and more bureaucrazy at the same time. The 1989-1990 collaps of “socialism in one country" in Russia gave little by little more space for the Cheka agency and the Andropov legacy and reduced the power of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. In mainland China the opening of the market of Chinese labour power gave Western capital acces to an exploitation at a very large scale called “production of general surplus-value" by Gustav Bunzel.