Seminar at the Moesgaard museum near Aarhus, November 2014. The program

The “Camera as Critique"-experience at the University of Århus, “Girl with Parasol – Japan in the Photo Studio": an exposition at the National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, the Anu-research of Fosco Maraini, photo documentation in Japanese research.

Release of the Seminar “Images and Research”
Interventions from the Seminar about Visual Anthropology at Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus, November 17th and 18th, 2014. Organized by the Project “Camera as Cultural Critique” at the Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University, and the late Department of Art Theory and Communication at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Schools of Visual Art.

Testimony, archive, documentation, critique of assimilation, reconsidering an anthropological legacy